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I started editing in 2015, working with international graduate students to polish dissertations written in English. My diverse educational history—with degrees in both the sciences and social sciences, and extensive coursework in humanities—enables me to provide high-quality editing, in a variety of disciplines, that is informed by relevant background knowledge. I have lived in five different countries in the past decade, helping me to gain exposure to different languages and cultures. This allows me to bring a unique level of cultural and linguistic understanding to my work.

My recent projects have included beta reading and line editing a poetry collection, language editing of academic journal articles by EFL authors on a variety of biomedical topics, copyediting of technical reports, and writing and revising source code documentation.

I enjoy working on unusual projects, and am happy to tailor the scope of my work to an individual project, or to consider unconventional requests.

Academic background

I hold a PhD in human genetics; an MSc in Forensic Science; a BS in Forensic and Investigative Sciences with focuses in biology, chemistry, and anthropology; and a BA in Psychology with a minor in French. I’ve spent the past several years developing software for research in genetics.

A photo of Bailey—she has long, curled hair; is wearing the brightest blue frames you can imagine and a teal shirt; and may-or-may-not be smiling (it's hard to tell). Behind her on the wall are some clouds (made of cork, painted white).